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2021's 25 Year Club Members

People are and always will be our very best asset. Recently we welcomed 14 new members to our 25 Year Club! Congratulations to: Becky, Carol, Angie, Jenny, Melissa, Brenda, Lisa, Ann, Eva, Sandy, and Lois, as well as Patti, Kelly, and Joanie (not pictured).


A Special Evening

We welcomed thirteen associates to the 25 Year Club on Thursday evening. CEO, Kevin Steiner, also an inductee, honored them for their loyalty and dedication. How wonderful it was to have their fellow club members – both current and retired associates - there to help celebrate. Congratulations Stephanie, Judy, Lynn, Mark, Theresa, Dona, Tammy, Bonny, Lisa, Paul, Camille, Evelina and Kevin!IMG_0500