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Celebrating India

IMG_6352.jpgEvery month we celebrate a different culture.  This month was India.  The associates had the opportunity to play chess, learn facts about India, the people and the country, get a henna tattoo and try an Indian sweet treat.  

Some of our associates brought in beautiful clothing and other items from India to share.  



Our Celebrating Cultures Committee chose Hawaii to learn more about and celebrate this month. Some associates dressed up for the occasion! And we have pineapple upside down cake to celebrate our milestone anniversaries for this month as well. All in all another fun day at West Bend!

Race Car Drive Duke Long Visits West Bend

The Celebrating Cultures Committee arranged for Duke Long to stop by with his race car and chat with the associates.  Many attempted, and thankfully, none failed getting in and out of the car which was a feat in itself!  West Bend is a community sponsor of his car.  What a fun experience!