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Annette's Journey at West Bend

It's time for another Throwback Thursday! Annette began her career at West Bend in August of 1991 as a policy processing technician in Commercial Lines. She remained in that position until 1996 when she decided she needed a change of pace and went to the print shop. At that time, offset presses were still used so it was quite a change to go from wearing business attire and rating and assembling policies, to wearing uniform attire and working with ink. In 2001, she switched gears again, transferring to the Imaging Services area where she acquired various job titles, but the job itself remained much the same. Today, Annette is an imaging process support specialist and she works closely with Commercial Lines and Personal Lines Underwriting, Audit, Collection, Accounts Payable and Receivable, and IT. Annette tells us, “There have been so many changes these last 25 years. I remember typing forms with carbon paper and manually rating some lines of business, to now having everything electronic. Plus, the clothing trends have definitely changed. When I started, we had to wear full business attire with pantyhose and closed toe shoes! Now we can be ourselves and dress casually in jeans. The different positions I’ve held have definitely helped me understand the various departments. There is never a dull moment, but what I like most about working here is the people. I have formed lots of friendships over the years.” 


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