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Debbie's 15 year anniversary & retirement!

In December, Debbie celebrated 15 years with West Bend, as well as her retirement! Here’s what she had to say:

“When I joined West Bend 15 years ago, I knew after a very short time that I had joined a company that I would retire from.  Not only have I been given opportunities to use my knowledge to contribute in meaningful ways, I have been able to work on projects involving things that I love to do!  But what really makes it special are the people and the company culture.  We are able to accomplish what we do because we work together and take care of each other.  In turn, West Bend takes care of us with a beautiful work environment, lots of  amenities, a great benefits package, and recognition for our accomplishments.   

As I retire, I feel satisfaction in my accomplishments, knowing I was able to contribute to their continued success.  What I will miss most is the people, many of whom became like family to me. “  

Debbie Lancour TBT IG



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