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Kelly Tighe Over the Years

Kelly_Tighe_TBT_Collage.jpgHappy Throwback Thursday! Kelly started at West Bend in 1999 when he “still had some hair” (direct quote from him). He’s spent all of his West Bend career in the Sales Department, first as state sales manager in charge of Illinois and Indiana. Early in 2001, he was promoted to director of sales for Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. This role gave Kelly the opportunity to work very closely with one of the all-time nicest people in the insurance business, Greg Loyda. Like many here at West Bend, he wishes Greg was still with us. He was promoted to assistant vice president of sales in 2007 and now serves as vice president of sales. In order to support the company’s growth goals, Kelly spends much of his time working with our sales team, the underwriting division leaders, and our independent insurance agencies.

Kelly shared, “I am continually impressed with the people in our organization. They’re our differentiator and they make a difference. It might sound a bit ‘Mayberry-like,’ but the culture we have here is unlike anything else I have experienced at any of the previous places I worked. The key here is to keep this culture going as we grow. I am very confident we’ll be able to do it.”