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Let's Go Packers!

Kicking off the weekend with some football floats and our Packer gear. Go Pack Go!



Go Pack Go!

We love the Packers. Can you tell? 💚💛🏈



January 2020 Retirements

Congratulations to our associates retiring in January. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. We hope you enjoy retirement! January Retirements 2020


Associate Giving Trees

Our associates love giving back, especially during the holiday season. This year, giving trees were placed in our terrace with wishlist items for individuals at Friends, Inc. This organization has helped so many people and families in our community. Thank you to our associates for your continued generosity.



Thank you for 125 years!

In 1893, a fire roared through West Bend, Wisconsin. this tragedy was one of the worst for our community. The following year, West Bend Mutual Fire Insurance Company was formed by local business men who wanted to protect their property. Even then we began to show that something good can come from something bad.

125 years later and here we are. We have over 1,200 associates and our continued growth has allowed us to expand into multiple states, with the ability to help so many people and businesses. Thanks for joining us on this journey as we celebrate our 125th year in business.

Check out Our History here. 



Holiday Spirit

We are loving all the holiday decorations inside and out!

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Fall Pheasants

We released 25 pheasants, both roosters and hens, on the prairie in a continuation of our efforts to have a resident population. To help with pheasant establishment, we have food plots for them and other wildlife on our property too. Pheasants prefer to run and hide in cover, so our prairie is the perfect home for them.fall-pheasants


Why Associates?

In the early 1990s,  we eliminated the word "employee" from our vocabulary, and replaced it with "associate". "We expect that everyone who works here will be a decision-maker. An 'employee' follows instructions. An 'associate' is an equal partner in the decision-making process," said Ron Lauret, executive vice president.
Our associates have always been and continue to be one of our greatest assets. 💕 Here's some pictures from the early 1990s when we put into play a new management style, based on teamwork and the empowerment of all associates. 


Associate Life in 1994

What was happening in 1994? We now have 540 associates and some great company events and amenities. Check out this picture from one of our Halloween parties! Halloween 1990s


A Special Evening

We welcomed thirteen associates to the 25 Year Club on Thursday evening. CEO, Kevin Steiner, also an inductee, honored them for their loyalty and dedication. How wonderful it was to have their fellow club members – both current and retired associates - there to help celebrate. Congratulations Stephanie, Judy, Lynn, Mark, Theresa, Dona, Tammy, Bonny, Lisa, Paul, Camille, Evelina and Kevin!IMG_0500