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Throwback to a Foggy Morning

Here's a fun summer memory!

While one of our associates, Jim, was out exercising on the prairie one summer morning, he snapped this gorgeous photo. He shared, "I think what appears to be a layer of fog was actually solid mosquitoes!" Yikes! 



Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine pulling into work and seeing this? One of our associates, Joyce, took this incredible photo over the summer. 🦌 ⛅

With views like this, who wouldn't want to work here? 



Baby Birds

Over the summer, Linda, one of our associates, was able to grab some incredible photos. We love all of her pictures and are glad she shares them with us. Here's one of our favorites! 



New Statue

Check out the new statue put out in our prairie near the horses.  😆😂




Deon named Company Rep of the Year!

Join us in congratulating Deon, senior regional sales manager in North Carolina!
Deon was named Company Representative of the Year by the Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) of North Carolina at their recent annual convention. Very well deserved, thanks for all you do! 
Deon Dunn NC PIA award


Bring a Ball to the Ball

Over the summer, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the American Heart Association Bring a Ball to the Ball Drive. 

The event was a "drive-through" this year, it was still a huge success. ❤️ We love being able to help Wisconsin children and communities. Bring a Ball to the Ball 2021


Mom and Baby

Over the summer we had the cutest family call our prairie their home. 😍 Thanks to Linda for capturing this amazing photo. 

Mom and fawn


Well hello there!

Ever feel like someone is watching you? The deer on our campus are very curious. 

deer herd



Last year we reintroduced beehives to the campus landscape. Four of the five bee colonies survived the winter and were in good shape this spring. The bees are very advantageous to have on campus. They are great pollinators for our fruit trees, our vegetables in the associate gardens, the shrubs and perennials in our campus beds, and for all of the wildflowers in our prairies. The hives are located in an area that is hidden and away from associate traffic. Undisturbed, the bees go about their business undetected. How cool?!198684836_818350668776493_2217993027242652394_n


2021's 25 Year Club Members

People are and always will be our very best asset. Recently we welcomed 14 new members to our 25 Year Club! Congratulations to: Becky, Carol, Angie, Jenny, Melissa, Brenda, Lisa, Ann, Eva, Sandy, and Lois, as well as Patti, Kelly, and Joanie (not pictured).