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The Responder®

While we all hope to never see another derecho, we know there’ll be storms. One of the ways we’re able to quickly provide the silver lining to our policyholders is with the Responder®. It allows us to hit the road and bring the silver lining to our policyholders in areas hit by severe weather. We don’t bring out the responder for each and every storm but factors used to determine if we send out the Responder include the type of damage, number of policies in the area, and number of reported/projected claims.

It’s outfitted with the latest technology, allowing our team members to work out of the vehicle as if they were at an office. The team working out of the Responder focuses on handling auto claims. The Responder tows a 10-foot trailer which contains a 30-foot inflatable drive-in tent used during the auto inspection process. When policyholders visit the Responder with an auto claim, West Bend inspects the damage and immediately processes the claim. Policyholders leave with an estimate, a check for the estimate or total loss settlement, and a swag bag of goodies, including today’s hot commodity, hand sanitizer. Our policyholders appreciate the streamlined and expedited claims service. One policyholder who brought their vehicle to our drive-in service center even said, “This was so easy! I’m almost glad this happened!” Now, that’s The Silver Lining!


Responder in Tornado