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West Bend's HR staff honored by Milwaukee Business Journal

HR.jpgWest Bend is among the 10 winners selected for the Milwaukee Business Journal's 2016 HR Awards!  West Bend competed in the large private companies category.  

The awards were established to recognize the important work individuals, companies, and organizations do in the field of human resources to make Southeastern Wisconsin firms and organizations successful. Primary requirements were that a company or organization entry be based on an HR program or practice currently in operation or recently completed, and that the program/practice be the result of an organization's own work and not that of a consultant.  

Our HR team highlighted their comprehensive onboarding program that offers opportunities for new associates to integrate into our culture, understand our core values, establish relationships within the organization, and become productive members of their teams.  HR recently named the onboarding program the "Red Carpet Welcome" to highlight they type of treatment new associates receive during their first few months at West Bend.  While the name is new, the onboarding program has been impressing new associates for many years.  It provides new hires with the appropriate information and guidance throughout the onboarding process, which as had a lasting positive effect on retention and overall engagement at West Bend.