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Technology to help you train your dog

Posted by Scott Stueber, CPCU, CISR, AAI on Jun 9, 2020 9:13:19 AM

Tech to help you train your dogIf you love technology, and you have a new dog that needs training, these two things can go perfectly with the number of gadgets that are being created for dogs. From fancy toys and gizmos to automated fetch, there are many things you can buy to keep your dog entertained while you’re not around. If you’re not sure about what technology is available to help you train your dog, this blog is for you.

Technology is useful for training if you want consistency while teaching your puppy basic obedience, quickly and efficiently. Training gadgets are also useful for those who can’t be home with their pets as much as they’d like to be.

Technology can be used to train dogs of all shapes and sizes, from a tiny Pomeranian to a larger silver lab. Here are five recommendations of the best pieces of tech currently available to help you train your dog.

Training Collars

Training collars can help to teach your dog basic obedience skills and the all-important recall (getting your dog to return to you). There are many different types you can use. One of the most popular options is a remote training collar.

A remote training collar is a wireless collar with a receiver for the dog to wear and a handheld transmitter for you to use. Various collars create different deterrents for the dog to aid with training, from vibrations to static shock or even certain noises.

One of the best and most professional products is the SportDOG Field Training e-Collar; it’s waterproof, has seven adjustable levels of correction, and can be used for up to three dogs.

It’s important to note that these devices should only be used alongside positive reinforcement training; they’re not a standalone training method.

Puppy Potty Trainer

The Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer is a pad which senses when a puppy has used the pad in the right way, and then releases a treat to reward them. This is an excellent piece of tech which can help to potty train your puppy even when you’re not around to provide them with praise. The trainer has an internal sensor which can detect moisture, and as soon as this is detected it sends a wireless signal to the treat dispenser to release a piece of kibble.

Pet Camera

There are several cameras available for you to watch your dog while you aren’t at home. Some of these cameras even have two-way communication systems which allow you to talk to your dog. This can be really useful in the early days of training.

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera allows you to have a 130 degree view of your room, which is perfect if you place it against a wall at home.

It has a microphone and a speaker which enables two-way conversation, and even has a built-in treat dispenser which allows you to reward your four-legged friend instantly if it is being good or performs a trick.

Sonic Frequency Sound Waves

There are also a number of devices which allow you to create sonic-frequency sound waves which aren’t pleasant for dogs to listen to. This technology can be used to deter unwanted behaviors, such as barking, jumping, scratching, or even having accidents in your home.
A couple of examples include the Sonic Egg and the Pet Agree. Both are simple to use, and just require you to touch a button for the sound to be emitted.

Anti-Barking Tech

Barking can be a real issue for many pet parents, especially if you live in an apartment. A small amount of barking is normal, but any excessive barking needs to be corrected. There are plenty of different options available, from devices you can carry with you, to sound emitting collars, to barking control centers for your home.

The PET CAREE Sonic Dog Barking Control will blast an ultrasonic sound whenever it detects barking. It is designed in the shape of a bird box and can be placed on a shelf or hung on a branch. It’ll detect barking up to 50 feet away.

It’s important to remember that technology shouldn’t be used to replace you as their main trainer. Dogs need plenty of human contact and they’ll start to suffer if they don’t have much interaction with you. You should use technology to support any training you do, and make sure that their main training comes directly from you.

The best way to train your dog is through positive reinforcement and a consistent training schedule. Positive reinforcement means you reward your dog’s good behaviors and avoid dominant or aggressive methods of training. Aggressive or punishment-based training can cause your dog to have even worse behaviors as it will lose trust in you.

Author Bio: This article was written by Thomas Woods, the editor of Perfect Dog Breeds, a website which teaches people how to train their dogs in the best and most efficient way.

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