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Tips for driving near maintenance or emergency vehicles

No matter what time of the year you’re driving, it’s likely you’ll come upon a vehicle that’s pulled over on the shoulder or driving..

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Winter driving doesn’t need to be a white-knuckle experience

Those of us in the Midwest face many types of driving conditions during the winter months ... rain, sleet, ice, hail, and snow, sometimes..

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Teen winter driving tips and insurance

Unfortunately, every year when the first snowfall arrives, it’s common to see cars sliding through intersections or into ditches. It seems..

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How parents can help their teens develop safe driving habits

Learning how to drive is a major milestone in a teenager’s life, symbolizing expanded independence and widened opportunities. While parents..

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Winter driving tips for new teen drivers

Letting your new teen driver navigate the roadways alone for the first time, is one of the scariest things you’ll do as a parent. Compound..

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Help your teen driver steer clear of springtime driving challenges

If winter was your first winter with a teen driver, you’re probably relieved spring is here. Hopefully no more ice, sleet, snow, or..

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Twelve driving tips for parents with new teen drivers

Recently, my youngest daughter, McKenna, passed her driver’s test. She absolutely loves her newfound freedom. Sometimes, a bit too much!..

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Understanding bullying in today’s world

School has been back in session for a few weeks. I hope you and your family have adjusted to this more hectic routine.

If your child is..

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Keep your college student safe with these moped safety tips

If you’ve ever been to a college town, it’s common to see bicyclists and moped/scooter riders everywhere. Both forms of transportation make..

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Summer driving danger and your teenager

Summer is officially here! Unfortunately, for teen drivers, this is the deadliest time of year. Read More

Road America and West Bend Keep Teen Drivers Safe

If you have teen drivers in your family, you know how nerve-racking it can be when your child gets their license and begins to drive..

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Eight ways to embrace winter with your family

Last fall, I decided to embrace the winter season by picking an outdoor activity to enjoy. For years, I considered snowshoeing...

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