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Understand your tenant rights before renting an apartment

If you’re heading off to college or you’re a recent college graduate, renting an apartment is another step into the journey of adulthood...

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Insurance tips for new college graduates

In just a few short weeks, college students will put on their caps and gowns and celebrate graduation. For many, graduation will be..

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Getting an insurance quote doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Having worked in the insurance industry for most of my career, I’ve talked to many people about the benefits of a West Bend insurance..

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Ten tips to help your college student rent an apartment

As college students search for independence, a new challenge for this school year could be renting an apartment.

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OWN VS RENT? Don't forget to insure!

When deciding whether to buy or rent, there are many factors to consider, including, but not limited to, job stability, relocation, and.. Read More

Renters insurance. A smart choice for college students

Whether you’re moving your child into their first college dorm room or an apartment, this is an exciting time. With planning and..

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Renters Insurance? Why do I need that?

Do you rent an apartment or do you have college students that rent an apartment? Are the personal belongings in the apartment insured? If..

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