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Brownie Points

We love our associates so it was only right they receive a Valentine treat! ❤️Brownie Points


Cozy Deer

Linda, one of our associates, did it again with the incredible deer photos! She's always in the right place at the right time.

This time she was able to grab a few pictures of them bedding down for the night. They look so cozy underneath the shelter of the pine tree. This is not something you see often, how cool! 📸🦌

Deer Bedding Down

Snowshoeing Fun

Jim starts every morning by heading out to the prairie for some exercise. He grabbed this photo today while snowshoeing! He said, “it's my time to think in a serene setting and prepare for the day.”
The prairie and walking trails are just two of the awesome perks of working at West Bend. Thanks for sharing this picture with us, Jim! It really does seem like the perfect way to start the day! ❄️
Jim showshoeing


Jim's 25th Anniversary

Jim celebrated 25 years with West Bend in December. He joined the company in 1995, working as an agency automation representative in IT. From there he moved to our Personal Lines Department and now he’s senior vice president of Personal Lines and Marketing. Here’s why he loves working at West Bend: “I love working at West Bend for many reasons – but if I had to pick just a couple, number-one would be the people I work with every day. I truly look forward to the interaction with everyone. We get things done and have some laughs along the way. I also love that we are such a strong supporter of the communities where we work.”



Mark's Throwback Thursday

In December, Mark celebrated his 20 year anniversary with West Bend. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 20 years since I came to work at West Bend Mutual Insurance.  There are many reasons why I consider myself fortunate to work for such a great company over these years:  The state of the art facilities the company provides for us to do our jobs, the tools we’re given to do our work efficiently and effectively, a very competitive benefits package, a company that is understanding of the work/family balance, the great reputation we have in our communities for our giving back, and for the outstanding service we provide to our agency clients and insureds. It truly has been a wonderful ride, just like my 1981 Mazda RX-7.

Mark S. Hoffmann


Debbie's 15 year anniversary & retirement!

In December, Debbie celebrated 15 years with West Bend, as well as her retirement! Here’s what she had to say:

“When I joined West Bend 15 years ago, I knew after a very short time that I had joined a company that I would retire from.  Not only have I been given opportunities to use my knowledge to contribute in meaningful ways, I have been able to work on projects involving things that I love to do!  But what really makes it special are the people and the company culture.  We are able to accomplish what we do because we work together and take care of each other.  In turn, West Bend takes care of us with a beautiful work environment, lots of  amenities, a great benefits package, and recognition for our accomplishments.   

As I retire, I feel satisfaction in my accomplishments, knowing I was able to contribute to their continued success.  What I will miss most is the people, many of whom became like family to me. “  

Debbie Lancour TBT IG



Rime Ice

Last week was absolutely gorgeous with the rime ice! It forms when supercooled water liquid droplets freeze onto surfaces. The deer were an added perk to the beauty of our campus. Rime ice


Associate Holiday Photos

It's great to see our associates are keeping the holiday spirit alive at home and in the office. We had so much fun looking through these holiday photos so we wanted to share a few more! 

Holiday 4 Holiday 3

Holiday 5


Holiday Cheer

To help spread a little extra holiday cheer, we asked associates to share photos of their holiday decorations from far and near. ❤️ There's a lot of holiday spirit among our associates, here are some of the photos sent in. 🎄

Holiday Decor 1

Holiday Decor 2


Holiday Decorations

Just because there are fewer associates in our building doesn’t mean there is any less holiday spirit! 🎄🎅Holiday Decor 2020