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MRSA Infections

MRSA in the News: Employees at a fitness center began reporting a high frequency of severe infections over a period of two weeks. The managers of the facility started investigating these infections and discovered that several members of the fitness center had also contracted severe infections.

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Treadmill Safety

Real Life Claims: A 2-year-old boy was brought to a family practice office by his mother for a follow-up visit. In the emergency department, the child received treatment for a friction burn to his right hand after he got it stuck in a moving home treadmill.

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Stability Ball Injuries

Stability balls are quickly becoming one of the most common and widely used pieces of fitness equipment in homes and fitness centers today. They are inexpensive and versatile.

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Identifying and Preventing Sexting Among Minors

When Sexting Becomes Deadly: An 18-year old girl committed suicide by hanging herself after a nude photo she sent her boyfriend spread around her school. After the young victim and her boyfriend broke up he sent the photo to some girls and the image quickly spread.

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Climbing Wall Safety

Real Life Climbing Wall Injuries: A camper suffered serious injuries after falling 30 feet from a climbing wall. The camper was using safety equipment including harnesses and a helmet. There was also adequate padding on the ground.

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Locker Room Surveillance

Children Filmed by Pinhole Camera in a Locker Room: While inspecting a high school locker room an employee made a startling discovery, a pinhole camera was stationed in one of the lockers and was positioned to catch students undressing and showering. An investigation determined a 17-year-old student placed the camera there and at least one student under the age of 18 was recorded.

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Safe Spotting for Weight Training

Workout Injury Statistics

Over the last ten years, injuries from weight lifting have steadily risen. The American Journal of Sports Medicine recently conducted a study based on the national injury surveillance database to determine the amount, cause, and types of injuries most associated with weightlifting.

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Inspecting Fitness Equipment

Real-Life Stories

Burns from a Treadmill

Improper treadmill maintenance resulted in a fitness center patron suffering severe injuries. She broke her arm and sustained severe friction burns after the treadmill’s belt slipped.

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Keeping Fitness Instructors Healthy

Reality Alert: A longtime fitness instructor ended a vigorous cycling class early due to severe knee pain. Her doctor diagnosed her with a serious tear in her knee due to overuse.

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24 Hour Fitness Centers

Today most towns and cities are home to multiple 24-hour fitness centers. From Planet Fitness to Anytime Fitness, these facilities are popular due to their cheap rates and no-frills approach.

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