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Understanding your artificial intelligence (AI)

Posted by Scott Stueber on Jul 18, 2017 11:37:19 AM

If you use Siri, Cortana, or Alexa on a daily basis, you’re like many people who rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to help make life easier. AI can send a text to a friend, set an appointment on our calendar and provide us with driving directions when we are lost.

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Don’t get tricked by these identity theft tax scams

Posted by Scott Stueber on Mar 28, 2017 8:44:42 AM

Is tax season your favorite time of year? Do you enjoy filling out those forms? The answer for most of us is a resounding "NO!" If your filing isn't complicated or you're getting a large refund, however, tax time may not be a big deal. Maybe you're like my wife and me. We're always relieved when everything has been filed and it turns out okay.

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What to know about protecting your identity when traveling

Posted by Scott Stueber on Mar 14, 2017 9:20:50 AM

If you live in a cold weather climate, spring break can be the highlight of your year. Traveling to a warmer climate for some rest, relaxation, and warm sun can be rejuvenating.

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Protect yourself from today’s high tech crimes

Posted by Scott Stueber on Sep 20, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Today’s thieves have found creative ways to steal our personal information, as well as our property.

For instance, you may have seen news reports about skimming devices installed on ATMs or gas pumps. These devices were recently attached to pumps at gas stations throughout Wisconsin.

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Help millennials avoid insurance mistakes

Posted by Scott Stueber on Sep 6, 2016 11:05:11 AM

Earlier this year I did a brief presentation to accounting and finance students about the importance of renter’s insurance. It seems many college students or recent graduates don’t feel they have enough items of value to insure. Because of this, many do not purchase renter’s insurance and learn the true value of their items the hard way.

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Eight online shopping tips to keep you safe this holiday season

Posted by Scott Stueber on Dec 1, 2015 11:00:00 AM

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaches, people begin visiting local retailers looking for that good deal or special gift. Others may choose to avoid the crowds and shop online.

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Protect yourself against tax identity theft

Posted by Scott Stueber on Mar 24, 2015 9:30:00 AM

For years, my wife has filed our taxes online without any issues. This year was no different. However, tax fraud and breaches have consistently made the nightly news. Last week, my cousin and her husband found out that somebody tried to file taxes using their information.

IDT 911 and West Bend have collaborated to provide our insureds with the option to buy insurance coverage to protect them against identity theft. IDT 911 has written an article titled, “3 Ways to Protect against Tax Identity Theft”

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How to create a password that’s easy to remember & hard to guess

Posted by Scott Stueber on Feb 24, 2015 8:25:00 AM

Breaches, scams, fraud, identity theft. These words are all over the news and, sadly, have affected millions of people. Unfortunately, these crimes will not be going away anytime soon. Therefore, this week’s blog will focus on another way you can protect yourself.
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Protect your identity this holiday season

Posted by Scott Stueber on Dec 9, 2014 9:45:00 AM

Holiday shopping is in full swing. During this busy season, it’s especially important to be mindful of protecting your identity. Data breaches are on the rise, affecting big name corporations and thousands of people. 

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Protect from identity theft with ID RiskCompass™

Posted by Scott Stueber on Sep 16, 2014 9:11:00 AM

All too often on the news, we hear about the latest identity theft tactic or a data breach that occurred at a big box retailer, financial institution, or in the cloud.

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