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Local Restaurant Avoids Potential Fire

While on Facebook, a headline by the Beaver Dam Fire Department caught my eye: “Oily rags are causing fire – again.” I learned last year,..

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Controlling Food Allergies at Home and When Dining Out

Do you know if you have food allergies? Do you take special precautions when dining out to avoid certain types of food? Do you ever wonder..

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Safety Controls for your Restaurant

By their very nature, restaurants present significant exposures regarding potential losses. That’s why owners and operators appreciate..

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Keep your Employees and Customers Safe!

For the safety of your employees and customers, nothing can be more important than having a NFPA (UL300) system in your restaurant’s..

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Are you UL300 Compliant?

Restaurants are often a great fit for West Bend’s SMARTbusiness™ program. If you own a restaurant or are an insurance agent inspecting a..

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Business income insurance tip

Do you know what your business income time period deductible is?

Business income insurance covers the income that would have been earned..

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