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Workers' Comp Spotlight: Transitional Return to Work Program Webinar

If an employee is injured at work and cannot return to his/her own job right away, sometimes the employee can do another job or part of..

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Workers' Comp Spotlight: Work Comp 101 Webinar

While businesses often spend significant amounts of money on workers’ compensation insurance, the ins and outs of how work comp works..

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Step Ladder Safety Tips

Step ladders are one of the most commonly-used pieces of equipment in many businesses. Check any supply or maintenance closet and you’ll..

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Three-wheeled cart accident leads to large loss claim

Employee safety is a top priority. Improper disposal of materials, narrow aisles, and poor lighting are all things that can play a..

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Recognizing the psychological effects of work comp injuries

A claims department functions because of loss to property, an accident, or an injury due to legal liability, misfortune, negligence, or..

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Metal Fabrication and Machine Shop Safety

Several severe injuries recently occurred in metal fabrication operations and machine shops insured by West Bend. These accidents..

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Claim tip: Collecting and preserving evidence on a workers' compensation claim

Timely claim reporting and return-to-work-programs are vital in reducing the cost of workers’ compensation claims. Just as important,.. Read More

The Importance of Prompt Claims Reporting for Your Business

Here are some of the many reasons why prompt claims reporting is integral to the overall claims management process for your business.  

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